Users of the tool are central to the development process and we are pleased to have key public and private sector organisations in the sector as our pilot partners to help us, challenge us and ensure that the tool will add value to planning and investment decisions.


Greater London Authority  –  With ambitions to enhance urban greenspace and increase urban green infrastructure, and fully support boroughs in managing these assets, the Greater London Authority have joined our pilot group to inform the evolution of the tool. From the outset they have been providing an overview of existing legislation and decision-making infrastructure as well as emerging programmes they are driving, which will influence how the tool is used. They would like the tool to assist all parties in the development process to think creatively about how to manage existing spaces and to make evidence and data backed decisions on provision of new green infrastructure.

  • Peter Massini, Lead Green Infrastructure
  • Abby Crisostomo, Senior Policy and Programme Officer
  • Katherine Drayson, Senior Policy and Programme Officer
  • Irene Sobrevilla, Economist


Peabody Housing Trust (Thamesmead) – Thamesmead is a town in South-East London, and is the same size as central London. The area measures around 760 hectares, with Peabody owning around 65% of the land. Its rich landscape includes 75 hectares of greenways, pocket parks and other accessible green space, 7km of canals, five lakes, 5km of river frontage and 30,000 trees. Peabody has exciting plans to make Thamesmead into one of London’s most bio-diverse and sustainable urban living environments, increasing the number of people who enjoy Thamesmead’s unique parks and waterways.

  • Phil Askew, Director Landscape & Placemaking
  • Ellen Halstead, Head of Strategy for Thamesmead


Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation  – The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) was established in 2015 by the Mayor of London to oversee the delivery of 25,500 new homes and the creation of 65,000 new jobs. This new centre and community in west London will be home to the largest sub-surface station to be built in the UK, linking two major national investment projects (High Speed 2 and the Elizabeth line) together. In delivering a new community for Londoners, OPDC is aware of the priority that publicly accessible open space commands in the delivery of high quality residential development. Old Oak will be a high density mixed use neighbourhood, so it is crucial that the value of greenspace being provided and created is fully understood within that context and that its contribution can be maximised across a range of environmental, health, economic and place making benefits.

  • Dan Epstein, Principal Environmental Sustainability Officer
  • Kevin Twomey, Planning Policy Officer



London Boroughs of Camden and Islington – Two of London’s boroughs, Camden and Islington, are co-developing the toolkit with us to ensure that it will be applicable in local authority planning and investment decisions.

  • Jerry Gutwin, Parks services Manager London Borough of Islington
  • Andrew Hinchley, Green Space Development Manager London Borough of Camden